Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Purple for PanCan!

Well good evening everyone.  Thank you to everyone again for submitting your wonderful purple outfits for my special post on Pancreatic Cancer.  All you ladies look so lovely and I feel so grateful for your support in this.  So, without further rambling from me, lets start with...

Sara of You, Me, and Anthropologie is decked out in Anthropologie purple and she's wearing the much loved Mimetic Skirt that I was lusting over.  It looks wonderful on her!
Top: Anthropologie Muted Lavender Top
Skirt: Anthropologie Mimetic Skirt
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Target

Bonnie of Small Town Fashionista is wearing her purple with the Crocheted Clouds Dress.  I have to admit that I wanted to try this dress on after seeing it on her.  She just makes it look so amazing!

Inkmark of Objects of Desire is so adorable with her pumpkin and purple.  Inkmark and I connect in a special way because she's from the same town in China as I am!  I just don't meet a lot of people from there so it's always exciting when I do.

Jamie of Thrifty Threads has a wonderful blog that showcases all the great deals she's found.  She has a knack for finding wonderful deals and she has great fashion sense.  Check her out in her purple outfit totaling only $106!!!

Purple(tt) Anthropologie pencil skirt. Retail:$88-98. Sale: $30
Purple(tt) LOFT cropped jacket. Thrifted for $3
PurpleNaturalizer Annabelle pumps. Retail: $80. Sale: $48 (buy here, though not on sale)
(tt) LOFT ivory tee. Retail: $30. Sale: $15
(tt) Ann Taylor ribbon abd pearl necklae. Retail: $38. Sale: $20

Debbie of possess and obsess incorporated purple in her 30 for 30 challenge.  Debbie's father passed away from prostate cancer in 2007 so this cause is near and dear to her heart.

Pamela of ginger girl recently attended her regional Pancreatic Cancer Action Network function where they helped raised $6000!  Thank you for being a supporter of the cause, Pamela!

Lori of Lorispeak is a fellow Seattle-ite and an awesome fashionista!  She wore purple the whole week last week and she even busted out her mom's purple dress (first outfit).  In the second picture, Lori's at our favorite store...Anthropologie!

Jen of vintageglammz is a fellow reader all the way from Aussie land!  Her wonderful blog brings her readers to Sydney...not to mention adventures in Europe.  There's no Anthro in Australia as of yet, but that doesn't stop her from getting wonderful pieces.

Robin of California Dreams had a grandfather that passed away from Pancan just two years ago.  I am pretty sure on the day of the Pancan walk, her grandfather was alongside Claro cheering us on!
Debbie of Dark Horse shared two outfits and she recently just patterned mixed with another purple cardigan. Debbie always puts together the cutest belted outfits...so make sure to check her blog out for inspiration!

And here's me...in my purple Gossemar Henley I purchased last week.  I love these henleys so much and seriously want it in every color.  It's a perfect weekend outfit with skinnies.

Thank you again to all you lovely ladies that submitted a purple outfit.  We just got word that this year's Pancan walk helped raise $125,000 towards further research!  That's more than THREE times as much money raised than last year.  I'm seriously proud of our Puget Sound PanCan Chapter.  :)


  1. Everyone looks great! I seem to be missing though... : ) Maybe I didn't submit it properly, but just wanted you to know I support this awesome post!

  2. LC - Oh no!! I didn't know you submitted something and I looked through my emails as well and couldn't find an email. :( That's too bad. You know I've had problems with gmail eating my email? I'd hate it if this was happening again because yesterday I had the same problem with a friend. So sorry!!!

  3. Hooray for purple outfits for PanCan! Thanks for helping to organize this and raise awareness Cindi! I had my friends asking me about it too. Or they'd say, "oh you're wearing purple again for PanCan!!!!" :)


  4. That's okay! I've had yahoo eat my email too. I'll post it on my blog sometime and link to your post. : )

  5. Go purple people! Good work with raising awareness about Pancreatic cancer. It's very important that this disease gets as much attention as other cancers. It is a pleasure to contribute to your post. Thank you!!

  6. Everyone looks great in their purple outfits and yay for raising so much money!

  7. Thanks so much for featuring me, Cindi! I love all the different takes on purple that are shown here. And congrats indeed to the PS chapter for raising so much!

  8. Look at all those gorgeous purple outfits! You girls all look great, and for a great cause!

  9. Everybody looks great and for a wonderful cause too!

    Sadly as much as I love purple, my wardrobe lacks it. This will have to be remedied immediately!

  10. Thanks for including me Cindi! Everyone looks lovely in their purple outfits! :-)

  11. GO CINDI!!! That fundraising was amazing for the walk!

    I think purple suits everyone!!! We definately need to wear it more often!!!

  12. Aw!! I missed the PanCan purple post. Sorry!! I am so *happy* to hear that the walk was such a huge success Cindi!! Can I do a make up purple outfit?? ;)

  13. Of course you can do a make up purple outfit, Cat! Hehe just send over your outfit and I will make a special post just for you!!!

  14. Thanks for including me, Cindi! I was honored to have taken a part in it.

  15. Oh what a great round-up and way to raise awareness for the cause Cindi! Love all the looks you guys put together!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  16. Hello Cindi. I work for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and I just wanted to let you know that we recognize and appreciate the amazing job you did raising awareness during the month of November. Thank YOU and happy holidays...and from one Anthropologie appreciator to another: awesome content!