Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I heart Gossamers...

Hello everyone.  I know I haven't done fitting room reviews in a while so I have some of them for you today.  I was able to walk (in the rain) to Anthro to try some things on.  It felt so good to get out of the office...it doesn't happen much anymore since Chris and I carpool and he drops me off in the mornings.  But the Anthro is just a ten minute walk away...so today I put on my walkin' shoes and off I went.

Gossamer Henley - $49.95

I saw this top on a really cute girl this past summer I believe at the downtown store.  When I saw the price, I was so shocked to see that it's almost $100 for a piece of thin fabric.  But it hung so well on this girl that I had to keep an eye on it in case it went on sale.  When I saw this in my size, I had to get it.  So I got the striped and the purple color way.  The fabric is a little sheer but I'm ok with this since it's so comfortable on.  I love the idea of wearing this with tights and if I wanted to, without a cardigan with it.

I think I've tried the Alice coat in every single color available.  I even bought the purple color way a while back but returned it for the clinton trench.  Girls, have you ever loved something so much, in theory, but once it's on you, it's just underwhelming?  But you keep going back to it, hoping that it'll fit differently the next time you try it on?  I wanted to love every color of this sweater, and I do...but it's the fit once it's on me, I believe, is the issue.  It just didn't flatter me as much as I'd like and the fabric itself is a little thin, that whatever I'm wearing underneath, can easily add bulk to the coat.  Alice, you are a hard to catch chick.  But you're not for me...and I've come to terms with that!

That's it for now.  But before I leave, I have good news.  Chris and I are meeting with our wedding photographer tomorrow night for dinner.  He's finally done with our wedding pictures and we'll pick up the DVD tomorrow.  I am SO excited.  I will definitely be sharing more pics with everyone as soon as I get them!  

Have a lovely night!


  1. I've always loved the Gossamer Henley, but it was one of the few items my BF didn't like. This might sound weird, but it made me look ridiculously skinny and not in a good way. As for Alice, for what it's worth, the color is fabulous and so seasonable. Good thing is that the season will bring lots more gorgeous reds to choose from :)

  2. Cat - Ahh...tis must be the reason why I loved the gossamer. It made me look skinny! Haha. I can see how the draping would cause it to hang oddly on a skinnier person. But I'm glad it worked on me. I'm always happy to buy extra tops that I don't have to wear with a cardi!

  3. ooh yay for wedding pics! I loved the ones you've shown us already! And good for you for getting to Anthro despite the rain :) I haven't tried things on at Anthro in forever. I'm trying not to buy anything for myself right now (and focusing on other people w/ the holidays coming up).


  4. Hi Cindi! The Gossamer Henley looks great on you in a kind of easy, relaxed way. It would be perfect for the weekend, and an alternative to jeans and top. I too love the tights under tunic/cardi look!
    The Alice is one coat i tried on in the Uk (i think it was...it was so long ago now!). I don't think it did anything for me then. The colour of the red is nice, but i've seen better jackets and coats!
    Looking forward to seeing more wedding pics :-)

  5. I saw that henley at the store and wondered how it would look on, but ended up not trying it, thinking it would be too clingy. How wrong was I!?!? I have some returns to make Saturday morning and first thing I'm doing is heading back to the sale room to track this down. I love the way it looks on you and hope it looks half as good on me.

    The red Alice coat is so pretty. I've done the same thing with JCrew Minnies. They just don't work for me, but I swear, everytime I'm at the store, I grab another pair to try on "just in case" they might miraculously work out. They don't. I need to just cut the cord.

  6. Oh, can't wait to see the new wedding pics! I've also been unimpressed with the AinA sweatercoat. But it looks so, so cute on others! Thanks for these reviews!

  7. Yay for the wedding pics Cindi! Which reminds me I've still never ordered out album and it's over 2 yrs. Eeek! You only live 10 min, walking from an Anthro? Dangerous and lucky! I feel the same on the Alice. I think it's the neckline on me. Not quite as flattering as on some other bloggers. I'm waiting for the grey or mustard one though. The red looks great on your coloring though! eh.. we'll keep trying it won't we?

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com
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  8. Love that shirt! Perfect for wearing with tights/skinny pants and boots!

  9. Lori - I wish I could be the same as you! Our family actually don't exchange gifts and we just have Chris' siblings and his mom to buy for. So we're lucky in that respect. But I understand how Christmas shopping can be rewarding but stressful at the same time.

    Jen - I don't need another coat anyways I don't think. I have bought so many that don't work anymore. I recently purchased a Northface Grace Trench which is probably the most appropriate and practical for here!

    Pamela - You're so funy. When I tried on the striped Gossamer, I actually thought of you. Since we have so many of the same items, I thought this would really look good on you! Definitely let us know what you think!

    Jamie - Thank you! I can't wait to share he wedding pics!

    Vivian - Haha I wished I lived so close to an Anthro. But I work next to one...so same thing right? :)

    Debbie - Yep! And you know how much I love my skinnies and boots!

  10. love the shirt. I like those piece that are so relax and yet flatters ones figure. effortless!

  11. I love the red coat more then the other colors, but the fit is just too highwaisted for me too. I'm glad you found that cute top to take home instead :)