Thursday, November 18, 2010

Napa Dining Table

Good afternoon!  I wanted to thank everyone's kind and supportive words responding to my post yesterday.  I went ahead and removed the post upon chatting with a friend who reminded me that someone at my work might stumble upon my blog and read the entry.  But it felt good typing this out and reading all your responses made me feel like I wasn't in this alone. 

In preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday, which will be held at our house this year, we hunted down the Napa Dining Table and Bench at World Market the other day.  It was quite an adventure...let me just tell you.  I called all over and they only had this one table left...which was a return.  So in the middle of pouring rain and pitch darkness, I drove down to the store to take a look and decided to buy it! 

The SA said the reason why this particular table was returned was because the previous customer didn't like the deeper knots on the table top.  But I thought this brought out the more rustic look that I was going for.  The knots are closer to the edge than the center, which didn't bother me at all. 
When we picked the table up (this weekend), they didn't have the bench but they just had some come in yesterday so we bought it last night.  The brown leather chairs were ours to begin with, and now we can sit 8 people comfortable around this huge (and heavy!  This thing weighed 200 pounds!!!) table.  I can't wait for Thanksgiving!

And here's an OOTD from a few days ago.  The black "tights" I was wearing were HUE cordroy tights.  They made my legs look I don't think I'll be wearing these much!  LOL. 

Tomorrow's Friday and next week will be a short one, for everyone I'm sure!  Have a great rest of the afternoon!


  1. I love the table you picked out! We purchased our table and bench a few years ago from World Market. It has held up surprisingly well! Like you, we went with different chairs (we didn't want them to match exactly). Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I love the bench part of your dinning table, that way you can squeeze more people in and get cozy if need to. It is interesting that when a friend's grandpa visited us (who happens to be a professor) told us our dining set's style is inspired by Chinese Ming Dynasty furniture and point out a few Ming dynasty feature embedded in our dining table. I never knew there were so much into a dining table. I just pick it out at Macy's because it look nice to me. I guess the Chinese root is deep in my blood. That is why that particular set is more appealing to me than the others.

  3. What a gorgeous table! I love all the knots....totally adds charachter to it! Enjoy your first Thanksgiving dinner on it!

  4. Oooh that table is beautiful! I love the bench & chairs too! We have a huge table too that seats 10, but we have 12 people this year for Thanksgiving, not sure how this will work!

    Your legs don't look huge @ all - they just look like curdoroy pants! What boots are you wearing? I am on an annoying hunt for black tall boots. Thanks!

  5. I like your new table! It looks cool with the mix of chairs and bench. We really need a table too but I haven't found anything I really like. Well, I've seen some nice ones in antique shops but they're always out of my price range!

  6. Lorraine - Thank you! I know, the chairs that matched were all made of wood and that seemed too "cold" for me. Besides, these were gifted to us, so we didn't want to waste them.

    Inkmark - Haha that is so funny. That grandpa sounds like my dad!!!

    Jenni - Thank you! I know...I don't mind the knots at all but my mom said it looks oldish! Haha.

    Tina - The boots I'm wearing is an Aerosole's Infamous Boots and they're still available on DSW and They're only around $50 and they fit my calves. Love it.

    Debbie - Don't you hate it when that happens? I always migrate towards the more expensive stuff too. I like World Market because it has unique things but it's not expensive because of their low overhead.

  7. The table was worth your effort - it looks FANTASTIC! I love furniture with a bit of distressing too - makes it less stressful to actually use the pieces IMO without worrying about keeping them *perfect* I think it will be special to host your first married Thanksgiving on your new dining set - love it!

  8. I love how you paired the bench with the chairs, and the table is sooo pretty! Your house is really coming together nicely.

  9. I wondered where that post went! I quickly skimmed through it during work, then i wanted to leave a comment in the evening, but it was gone :-)
    That is one gorgeous dining table! I love the wooden finish and the knots aren't that prominent.
    Love how you injected a bit of red into your outfit!
    BTW - i wish i could have a short week next week..but alas. I'm from oz!!

  10. I LOVE YOUR TABLE!!! And the chairs and bench look awesome with it.

    I rec'd two pairs of the cord leggings from Hue. I love Hue, but did not love the leggings. I agree that they appeared to add more bulk to the leg. They were so soft though! I ended up giving them to my mom who probably has the skinniest legs I've ever seen and they look good on her. I am so glad you said that bc I was feeling down on myself after I tried them on.

  11. Jan - Exactly! That's what I had in mind when I found it. I grew up with a mom that liked good furniture but then once she spends thousands of dollars on them, she'd cover it up with ugly table coverings! So I really didn't want to end up like that! Haha.

    LC - Thank you! It's been and still is a work in progress but our first floor is looking really inviting. I really love just hanging out at home or having guests over.

    Jen - Haha...sorry!!! If you want to email me, I can give you more details. :)

    Pamela - Awww...I got the hue cords in the black and the gray. The gray just looked horrible...which made me so sad! I returned those and decided to keep the black but now I want to return those as well since I just got Jolt jean jeggings in black and they look way better.

  12. I'm so glad you got that beautiful table. My BF and I are hoping to own a small working farm someday, and this would work perfectly in our "someday" kitchen!

    I can't wait to see your pictures from Turkey Day. I am sure everyone will have a marvelous time.

    I didn't have a chance to read your previous post, but I'm guessing it related to some dissatisfaction with your job. I'm so sorry to hear that, and I can definitely related. Every Sunday night, I feel so discouraged to think of going to the office in the morning. I know many employees are feeling similarly right now, especially since this economic instability means that most people feel like they can't look for another job. I hope you're able to stay positive!

    And congrats on reaching 100 followers. You go, girl!

  13. Your table looks beautiful!!! Congrats on finding it! I love rustic tables, so I totes would have thought the knots were cool too! Old owner's loss and your gain!

    Oddly, google reader saved your post for me to read within the reader even after you deleted it. So I was able to read it. I hope things get better for you, but at least identifying how you feel means you can work toward changing things!