Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to the Grind...

It's only the second day back from the Thanksgiving holiday, and I'm already looking forward to Christmas and the long weekend that brings. 

Our Thanksgiving this year was wonderful!  The day started around noon...that's when everyone began to come over.  My uncle and mom started the prep for the food right away as the rest of us sat around, chatted, and watched some football.  We ended up with a lot of food...too much food actually...so here's a glimpse of it:

My uncle makes an amazing ketchup shrimp dish and my aunt cooked up the quail that's in the top plate. 

I braised some pork belly the night before and simply reheated it the next day.  I find that braised dishes are always better on the second and third day, so I tend to always cook this type of dish ahead of time. 

Seattle's best duck!  My parents went to Chinatown and got this Thanksgiving morning.  Behind the duck are the sweet and sour pork ribs. 

Chinese broccoli and thin curry noodles

We ordered a special Filipino noodle dish that's extremely hard to make from my friend's dad who does catering.  The bowl of yellow noodles is called Palobok.  The green dish on the right is cucumbers cut up mixed with some special sauces and ingredients with Chinese BBQ pork.

My uncle, the master chef...looks great in my Anthro apron!

Look at that spread of food!  I didn't even miss the turkey!

I tried to take this before everyone arrived and tried to get my kitty, who loves to cuddle with me.  He had a special ocean pate canned dinner himself! 

This year's Turkey Day was such a special one for me.  I'm glad both Chris and my families were able to spend it together as one big family.  Who knows what next year will bring us, but our family will only get bigger.  My aunt and uncle's son and his future wife might finally be able to come to the United States soon...so cheers to that! 

Also, don't forget my giveaway going on currently here.  You still have until this Friday to enter and I'll post the winner Monday.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Very yummy food :). My side of the family also likes to mix Chinese dishes with American Thanksgiving food, too. The Chinatown in Seattle must be big. I miss having ducks, and looking forward to have lots when I visit my family in few weeks. Happy to hear that you were able to spend the holiday with your husband's family, too. I wish I can do that soon, too. That is, both sides together.

  2. Awww... you look fab Cindi and your Thanksgiving meal looks like a FEAST!!! Your uncle is too cute in that Anthro apron!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  3. That is a lot of food. We were at southern california and had to rush dinner to see color of the night at Disney. But we made it up to have the 4.5 lb lobster next day for lunch :-) at a LA chinese restaurant. The sauce for the lobster was so amazing that all the boys ate a extra bowl of rice mixing with the sauce.

  4. Your food looks delicious and I love how your uncle is sporting the Anthro apron!

    Is that the Deuxhill Cowlneck I spy in your picture? Have we seen that on you before? How do you like it? It's at the top of my wishlist and might be coming home with me once this silly challenge is over :)

  5. Oh, your uncle look so professional the way he is cooking!

  6. Sydney - Thank you! For the size of our city and also the number of Asians, our Chinatown is actually relatively small. But it's decent enough. There's also little pockets of Asian markets and restaurants around the city though.

    Vivian - I knew he'd wear the apron...hehe. That's why I brought it out for him.

    Inkmark - Lobster!! I love it. I bet the sauce was garlic and ginger...I love that sauce. It makes me want to eat some right now! Haha.

    Sara - Yes...that is the cowlneck. I guess I haven't officially showed it off as an OOTD huh? I'll have to do that. But I love it...and feel that the flowered motif is the best. I probably wouldn't get it in another solid color though. I just thought the flowers were so beautiful! Which color were you thinking of?

  7. Cindi, that food looks absolutely delicious! This meal kind of reminds me of Chinese new year - there's always so much food on our table then! How funny is that picture of your uncle in the anthro apron. He looks so stylish :-)
    We have a chinatown here in Sydney as well and it is the place to go for great tasting peking duck (I don't eat duck though!).
    why is is all of a sudden i have a craving for ginger and garlic lobster...

  8. Looks delicious! I like mixing in the Asian dishes with the traditional turkey and stuffing. My filipino family also had palabok for thanksgiving.

    Also, love the Deuxhill Cowlneck.. I bought it in the same color/motif and I agree that it's the best out of all the choices!

  9. Jen - Ooh you don't eat duck? I love it...but I can't eat it on a regular basis. It's just too fattening. I heard that the Chinese food in Sydney is pretty good since there are a lot of Chinese people there.

    Angela - Ooh you had palabok too? :) I love it but it's hard to make it authentic. My husband don't cook it much but I'd like to learn how to.

  10. I saw that top on the SA when I was at Anthro on Saturday and L-O-V-E-D it - the print really is gorgeous, and it looks great on you - I can't wait to see more pictures of you wearing that pretty piece!

    Your Thanksgiving spread is WOW!

  11. So much yummy food, it all looks so festive and pretty!

  12. Mixing cultures is absolutely the way to go! The community here does that too.

    I feel like I shouldn't have looked at so much food so late at night. It all looks so good and I'm getting hungry...

  13. Your meal looks unbelieveably good!!!! Yum!!!!

    And I pulled the trigger on the cowlneck this morning. I couldn't resist, plus I need free shipping :)

  14. Omg drool. Looks like the best meal ever!