Monday, December 6, 2010

A Sweater Surprise

Last week was a good week...and it ended great when my husband decided to take me to Anthro after work so he can buy me something special.  This month, he'll be receiving some extra moolah from his company as a year-end appreciation thing, so he thought he'd treat me to something nice.  

I've been eyeing the Neo-Refinement Pullover for about a week now and when I saw it on the rack last Friday, I knew I had to try it on.  I read reviews saying it hangs weird and the right sleeve is longer than the left.  But then the majority of the reviews were positive.  I was prepared to fidget with the sleeves, the neckline, and the waist band and experiment all the different ways this sweater was meant to be worn.  So when I pulled it on, it was love!  I stayed in the dressing room longer than usual just to make sure I truly loved it...and I did.  

I hardly ever wear something the very next day after just purchasing it, but I did with this sweater.  Saturday, we attended a Blue Scholars concert in downtown Seattle and this is what I wore:

I just love this sweater.  The more I wear it, the more I love it.  I even wore it again today for work actually.  It's comfortable and flattering and what girl don't want that?  For those of you that haven't given this little number a chance yet, I highly recommend you try this on.  Play around with the styling of it in the dressing room and maybe even ask an SA on how you should wear it.  It's definitely worth the full price of $88.  Thank you, Husband!  

This past weekend we also hung up some Christmas stockings for decoration.  I must say, after decorating the mantel, I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I just love the old world clock we bought and of course, the Anthro J...which stands for "Jocson"...just adds to the complete look.  

We even got a teeny tiny stocking for our kitty, Ty.  It's the cutest little thing...just like him.
Good night!  


  1. Super-cute Cindi! I love the fall color of the sweater and it looks chic on you!

  2. hey there Cindi! first of all, i LOVE your new header...i wonder where the inspiration came from ? could it be from one of your fave stores? hehehe! I love that picture of you in the drifting by - i remember how it was taken just before your wedding (i think?!).
    The sweater looks really good on you, and i love how you wore it slightly almost off the shoulder -but not quite.
    Your kitty cat's stocking is just too adorable!

  3. Love the new header! If I remember correctly, I think that's the outfit you submitted to Lisa as your favorite outfit, right? It looks so elegant on you, so I can certainly see why.

    And this sweater looks so cozy and comfy. The color is really great on you. I think I would be tempted to just wear it with a pair of yoga pants and take a nap, though, hehe. Comfy clothes always make me sleepy!

  4. I've been eyeing this sweater, too, and I'm so glad to see it on someone! It looks wonderful on you and I really like the color.

  5. Oh how cute is your fireplace! I saw those letters on sale the other week and hesitated too long. Went back to get a few in 2 days they were all gone! You look great in the sweter - but I can deal with the short sleeves thing.

    xx Vivian @

  6. Dea - Thanks! I loved all teh colors of the sweater and really wanted the Moss but there were only L's left in the store.

    Jen - Yes! I wore this outfit for my rehearsal dinner and felt so pretty in it. Totally loved the entire outfit. I can't wait to wear it again.

    Jamie - Haha...I did want to just lounge around in this with some tights. It would work actually. I love something I can wear being lazy around the house then change my pants and go straight out.

    Erin - Thank you! I'm glad I got a chance to give this a try. You should too!

  7. The color of this sweater is gorgeous on you! What a thoughtful hubby to take you to Anthro for a treat! And I love your clock and "J" - I ended up picking up an "R" when they went on sale and I love it! Your kitty's stocking is adorable - you've got to include the whole family :)

  8. You look so hip in your new sweater. Perfect for a Blue Scholars concert. I love your kitty stocking. My favorite stockings in our house are also for our furry children!


  9. Love the new header!!! How perfect!!

    the little stocking is adorable!

  10. i wish i had a mantle in my apartment to decorate. maybe i can decorate the area around the tv, hehe.

    so nice of your hubby to treat you to anthro! this past weekend, i went with the bf to anthro to return something i haven't worn, and he kept chanting, "don't look don't look don't look" LOL. i'm going to have to check out that sweater, it looks fantastic on you!

  11. Love the new header Cindi!! You look so pretty!

    I wear the sweater! Since I'm right handed my stomach doesn't show when I raise that hand. It works!

  12. I picked up this sweater too and I just love it. I did have to add a cami underneath so it doesn't show my stomach when I raise my arms, ha. That is a good idea Carrie to try it backwards...

    I want to entire outfit pictured with it on, ha.