Monday, December 6, 2010

And the winner is....

I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste the random generator screen into this blog, but trust me that it drew the number 58...and according to my handy dandy accounting excel spreadsheet I created to track your entries...number 58 is...

*drum roll please*

ELIZABETH of Elizabeth Per Se.  Congrats!  Please check your email for a message from me. 

Thank you to everyone that entered into my very first giveaway.  Happy Holidays!


  1. Congratulations to Elizabeth.

    And Cindi - to copy/paste the Random generator screen, just hit the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard (usually on the upper right hand side). Then go into Microsoft Paint (or a similar program) and just hit Paste. The entire screen will paste into the program then you can crop and save the parts you need!

  2. congrats to elizabeth!! wishing it was me...hehe

  3. Congrats to Elizabeth!

    xx Vivian @

  4. You just take a screenshot by hitting the "Prt Scr" button, which is found on top of your arrow keys. : )

    Anyway, congratulations, Elizabeth!!!

    xx The Little Dust Princess