Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just Another Day at Costco...

This past weekend, we made a pit stop at our nearby Costco to pick up some Chobani Greek Yogurt they sell there in a 12-pack.  For those of you that haven't tried Greek yogurt yet, I strongly recommend you give it a whirl.  It's so different from your standard Yoplaits because it's thicker, most have no added sugars, and it has up to twice the protein as your normal yogurt.  I fell in love with the Greek Goddess' honey flavored yogurt but because it wasn't lowfat or fat free, it carried too many saturated fats for my liking.  The best part about Chobani at Costco is that its sold in well portioned containers, is 100% nonfat but doesn't taste like it.  It contains no artificial or added sugars...and it's just SO yum!  The only thing about Costco is that they sell the pack of 12 in only three flavors...blueberry, strawberry and peach.  Most of the time, peach yogurt is my least favorite, but this one tasted great...with natural peach chunks!  Costco sells them for less than $1 a container, but if you were to buy them at other stores, it'll cost you about $1.30 - $1.50 each.  So...Costco is a much better choice if you like yours with those three fruits.
So, what does one see when they first step into the Costco warehouse?  TVs!!!!  And TVs galore!  Usually the screens are playing an animated film, to distract the kids, and sure enough, this time they were playing Toy Story 3.  A great movie, I must add!  But what stopped us dead in our tracks was a 55 inch Samsung LCD.

Now...we have a 42 inch plasma right now in our living room.  By no means is that a small TV...I actually think it's fine.  But Chris has been wanting a bigger TV for some time now and we've decided to put that purchase off until some time next year.  Until....we saw this baby.  I was like this: 0_0...along with the other kids...staring at the huge, bright pictures of Woody and Buzz Lightyear running across the screen.  I was entranced by how clear it was (because it's LED LCD) and how paper thing it appeared to be from the side view.  What's great is that if you walk to the side of the TV, the picture color doesn't deteriote like on a plasma.  It's wonderful!  So...needless to say, we went home and searched online and got a great deal for it.  Yep...we are now proud owners of a new 55 inch TV!  It'll overwhelm our fireplace, I'm sure...but I don't mind.  I don't necessarily think a TV should be hidden or makes a room look horrible.  I'm like Joey on Friends...our furniture all point towards our tube!

Welp, it was just another day...getting yogurt at Costco.  Then coming home with a splurge.  Anyone else ever go into a store with good intentions of just picking up something small, but ended up with a huge splurge?


  1. I have been wanting to try greek yogurt for a while now - I need to just do it! :)
    So exciting about the TV! Y'all will love that! Enjoy!

  2. ooh! Those LED LCD TV's are stunning! Congrats on the new TV and no way can we face away from the TV. We are TV-watching people everyday!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  3. I am eating a Chobani peach yogurt that I got from the 12-pk sold at Costco right this instant!

    I love that place, especially the the super-cheap eats from their food court. Giant hot dog and soft drink for $1.50? Yes, please!

  4. Oh, I love greek yogurt - didn't realize they were selling it at Costco! That's great news. Will have to get some. We've been wanting an LED LCD tv too, but we're putting it off 'til next year. So excited for you, though! =D

  5. First, I love the new header! You chose a great picture :)

    We went to Costco last weekend too, but all we splurged on was Harry Potter 5 and the Glee Christmas CD. Hope you guys enjoy the new TV!

  6. I blow my good intentions to just buy what we need on the list, every time I am in Target! We just bought a 55" television on Black Friday, for our basement. Unfortunatly, finishing the basement has just gotten underway...so said tv is sitting in my dining room for at least a month. Should be extra pretty for Christmas dinner!

  7. I like the Chiobani greek yogurt at costco too (but I currently have a greek gods honey yogurt in my fridge to finish.... I only eat a little for dessert so it takes me awhile to finish a container).

    We hit costco too and spent more than we usually do (mostly lots of restocking of essentials and some gifts). Congrats on the new TV! I'll bet it's gorgeous!


  8. It is a guy thing I think. All the TV upgrades so far in my family had been hubby's idea. Those yogurt look so yummy, I have to look it up next time I'm at costco.

  9. we just upgraded to a 42" and we thought were were being fancy :)

    I always end up with more than I planned when I go to Target. Always. I try and just stick with a basket, but soon enough I'm carrying the basket filled to the brim while juggling things tucked in my other arm while I look for a cart.
    i never learn!

  10. Haha thanks gals! I think over spending at Target is a regular thing for us all. It is for me too. I think the rounded dollar figures fool me. With their 2 for $5 deals or $14 blankets! Before I know it, I walk around and have over $100 of stuff in my cart!

  11. LOL! we went into our local supermarket and came home with a chainsaw and beach tent. They were surprisingly cheap! We haven't bought anything as major as a TV though! Congrats on your purchase. That's seriously funny..haha
    Your costco sounds amazing, like a mega supermarket-going-on-department store :-)

  12. I LOVE Greek yogurt! Chobani is my favorite, but I also like the Trader Joe's brand.

    Hmm...as for impulse splurges? Last winter, I went into Saks in NY just to "get out of the cold" while waiting for a friend. I ended up with a gorgeous purple metallic Burberry trench...whoops! . In my defense, the coat was 40% off...and it was 17 degrees outside, so I really DID need to get out of the cold. Haha!

    And thanks so much for your comment on my movie-inspired outfit!

  13. Ha that's called every single time I've gone to Target...EVER! LOL

    I like Chobani yogurt too. I don't really eat yogurt alone (the consistency bothers me), but I like to use it in an Indian recipe that Husband likes.

  14. i need to look for that at costco, i've been wanting to try greek yogurt for awhile. i don't think i've made that big of a splurge, but i can imagine the bf doing the same thing :)